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Nicola Isdell-Carpenter

The Mastery of Moving




Nicola Isdell-Carpenter is an expert in the art of moving. Her private and discerning clients relinquish the immense pressure of planning their move, and place it in her calm and experienced hands.

While drawing on long-established relationships with experts from movers to picture hangers, utility specialists, fine art packers and more, Nicola calmly applies herself to each and every aspect of the move process, removing her client's stress with warmth and experience. Nicola Isdell-Carpenter Nicola Isdell-Carpenter

"I just wanted to let you know that I think you are worth your weight in gold and I valued greatly your organisation, co-ordination and calm demeanour. Should anyone require a high level move, I will always recommend you and shout nothing but high praise about you. I hope you are well and many others are enjoying their house move from a chair at the spa instead of in the thick of it."


Private Household PA, Chelsea, London

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