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A partner in your room contents review with valuable connections to the art and auction world, means your antiques, fine art and objects d'art can be valued efficiently by the right specialists and the sale process managed.

The kitchen is the heart of any home and careful sorting in advance allows movers to pack, transport, and unpack efficiently, leaving extra time for placement in your new kitchen cabinets.

For children, moving can be an unsettling time. Having someone take over the planning and organising ensures daily life can remain constant for as long as possible, right up to move day. 



"Her execution and management of (the) task was done calmly and with integrity..... I would never move again without her help which I and some personal friends would attest to."


Mrs A. S



"With her experience working within the art world she has executed sales of a large number of works of art, antiques and hundreds of miscellaneous items, and I benefited from the very competitive rates she commands with the auction houses and dealers."


Mr & Mrs D. M



"Her approach was professional to a very high level and we had total trust that she would orchestrate the move as efficiently and stress-free as possible. The move occurred seamlessly."


Mrs C. T



"(Nicola) has single handedly executed and coordinated every task and aspect of my recent exhausting house move, in fact, she project managed my house move in 2009 as well - I wouldn't move without her"



Ms E. E

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